Get the Physique You Want as a Vegan.

"I’ve finally been able to burn the stubborn belly fat that has been plaguing me forever."

"Having access to Cory’s wealth of knowledge on not only how to eat vegan and make gains, but how to train to make gains is a great asset. I’ve really enjoyed having a brand new routine and have even noticed fresh gains as a result."

- Jack Murray-Brinckman Toronto, Ontario

"My favorite part of the Vegan Muscle Academy is Cory's no-nonsense approach to veganism, nutrition and lifting."

"I was worried that my current work schedule would interfere with the gym schedule and adequate meal planning. It did come true at first, but I'm slowly working around my issues to achieve what I'm looking for."

- Adam 

Progress Photos from VMA Members

vegan bodybuilding

"I'm enjoying the process, and having the VMA community and Cory's knowledge at hand is making a real difference."

Jay Leeson

"We need more coaches like Cory McCarthy in the community."

- Giacomo Marchese Founder of Plantbuilt

"The VMA is a complete guide and requires no previous knowledge."

"It's great for someone who's new to lifting, and even for more experienced people, like myself, there is always something to learn. I also like that VMA is strictly science based, it's not some bro-advice bullshit."

- Per Lundegård Sweden

"I would recommend VMA to my friends, both vegan and non-vegan."

"I like the no BS content. Straight from the science that you are aware of to us. Good stuff."

- Bill Darrah 

"Being able to get my macros squared has made meal prepping much easier!"

"It's daunting to find the proper information regarding nutrition and training especially for vegans. So, having VMA to show you what to do is amazing. It's gives beginners a very solid base of information regarding proper weight training and nutritional information. I recommended VMA to a friend today. All in all 10/10."

- Kyle Javorich Newport News, Virginia

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